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Information on currently available beers


Czechy Brewery  
Holba Czechy

on tap for 3d
Bohemian Pilsner 

Pivovar Poutnik Brewery  
Poutnik Czechy
12° 5.0%  

on tap for 3d
Svetlý lezak 

Stu Mostów Brewery  
SALAMANDER Pale Ale Polska
12,5° 5,1%  

on tap for 3d
Pale Ale 

Cztery Ściany Brewery  
Kamper Polska
15° 6,2%  

on tap for 3d
West Coast IPA 

Cztery Ściany Brewery  
JAMA Polska
15° 6%  

on tap for 14d
Wheat Black IPA with orange zest 

Jana Brewery  
Sabro Rye APA Polska
12,5° 4.6%  

on tap for 14d
American Pale Ale 
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